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In the two decades since our current facility was built, the science of animal sheltering has drastically changed. With new pet-and-people-friendly environments, smarter technologies and higher standards for humane housing, the world of sheltering companion animals has evolved.

Our Dorman Street shelter- built to accommodate pets only for short-term stays - along with the veterinary hospital in need of increased surgery, treatment, and recovery areas - is falling behind. Architects, engineers and local builders agree that a remodel to maintain the facility for temporary housing of stray or lost pets and Animal Control operations is possible but an overhaul to update the adoptable pet housing, grow our Veterinary Medical Center, improve the noise, air and water systems is simply not economically feasible.

Additionally, our location by the airport is a relic of days when "pounds" were put in out-of-the-way locations. Today, however, we function as an animal resource center and a more central location is key to fulfillig that role. 

The Idaho Humane Society is resourceful, but recent growing pains have challenged us. We believe it is time for a new investment in our community- one that will surpass the current standards of animal welfare... One that will literally save lives.

Take a look around our Designed to Be Kind Campaign website to learn more about this huge fundraising effort and our goals for the new shelter. We ask you to join us in our Campaign to help the companion animals of Idaho. Every gift counts because every animal counts. We urge your support! Your gift will make you a partner in securing the future of homeless animals for decades to come!

For more information about the Designed to be Kind Campaign or assistance making a pledge or donation contact:

Jessamine Jones
Development Director
(208) 331-8556