Caring for cats:

The Idaho Humane Society finds loving homes for more than 3,000 kittens and cats each year. Many receive care in our Veterinary Medical Center and spend time in IHS foster homes getting specialized attention before they go out on our adoption floor. While some cats only have to wait a few days before finding a forever family, our staff and volunteers still ensure that they receive plenty of mental stimulation in the meantime. Because shelter cats can’t go on walks around the facility like their canine counterparts, we instead supply them with enrichment items such as cat nip or toys doused in prey scents so they can stay busy in their kennels. And of course we make sure they get plenty of cuddles and head scratches. 

WISKR: Women Inmate Social Kitty Retreat

 Now entering its second year, our WISKR program places cats and kittens in need of intensive care with inmates at the South Boise Women’s Correctional Center. The women have already fostered more than 250 cats, many of which would not have survived without around-the-clock attention. Those include cats recovering from surgery or struggling with upper respiratory infections and orphaned young kittens that need to be bottle-fed every few hours. And there’s another big way that the program helps save lives: Sending cats into the correctional center to stay with the inmates frees up space in the shelter and in the homes of other foster families to help even more cats. 

YOU can become a foster parent too!

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our network of foster homes. You can determine the areas in which you’d be willing to help. Although bottle babies and cats with upper respiratory infections are common cases, we also see cats that need to lose or gain weight, senior cats, mother cats and their babies and older kittens that just need to get a bit bigger and receive more socialization before finding a home. You can learn more about becoming a foster parent and fill out an application HERE.

How You Can Help:

Participate in See Stripe Sit! The Idaho Humane Society relies heavily on private donations to care for the cats that come through our doors. Every dollar raised through See Stripe Sit will make difference to our feline friends. Registration and pledge contribution will help:

Every dollar raised will make a difference to our homeless feline friends. Registration and pledge contributions to See Stripe Sit will help:

  • Reunite lost cats with their owners
  • Find forever families for homeless or abandoned cats
  • Curb overpopulation of cats through low-cost spay and neuter program
  • Provide medical care for cats in need - from routine vaccinations to life-saving surgeries
  • Support IHS foster families and the WISKR program

Together, we can help the kitties that are still looking for warm, cozy places to snooze, catnip to play with, and a comfortable human to relax on!