Dear Friends...

Will you join us on our incredible journey?

Animal shelters are places that warm the heart and break it at the same time. We know this first hand, as we've been closely involved in supporting the Idaho Humane Society for over twenty years. During this time we've witnessed the tremendous growth of this beloved organization and its life-changing impact on the pets and people of our community.

Today the Idaho Humane Society provides shelter for more lost, abandoned and abused pets than any other animal welfare organization in the inland Pacific Northwest. The shelter also provides much-needed animal-related services, including our unique Veterinary Medical Center and humane education programs.

But while the Idaho Humane Society is working tirelessly, there is still work to be done. The open-admission facility is stretched thin as the demand for services and new programs continues to increase. This community needs a new and improved shelter.

Our support for the Idaho Humane Society has been a labor of love that is personally very rewarding and we hope you will join us in this worthy effort.

Warmest regards,

Frances and Roy Ellsworth
Capital Campaign Chairs

Capital Campaign Committee

Campaign Chairs
Frances and Roy Ellsworth, MD

Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Rosenthal, DVM

Chief Financial Officer
Leann Gilberg

Development Director
James Hillig

Marketing/Public Relations
Kristine Schellhaas
Will Spearman